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"Music is a hidden exercise of arithmetic of the soul, unaware that it is counting."

Leibniz 1712, as cited by  Janusz Podrazik, creator of Opusmodus software.

parametric composition...

Music and math go together - this is very true for tabla with its often complex taals, kaida and tihai improvisations.

For some time now I have been having a lot of fun working with a fairly recent and amazing LISP based software called


This link above will take you to Opusmodus' site which wi explain far better than I can here the way it works.   Essentially  it is a computer-assisted composition program in which the composer is always in complete control.  Intent is everything. 

The creators of the program come out of the 20th century classical tradition of "new" music and steep as the learning curve may be on the programming side,  it is a voyage of discovery for the techniques that are part of that tradition.

The print here, entitled 3+3 = 2, by French artist Annie Gévaudan  evokes for me the

playfulness of composing tin this fashion.

blues fughetta...

a piece I'm working on in Opusmodus to be posted soon in this space...

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