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Song for Film

Another personal highlight stems from a collaboration with British filmmaker Nic Roeg during the making  of the film  "Puffball", a tale of witchcraft in rural Ireland.

A bawdy Irish bar-song was required in a hurry and, in the time-honored tradition of these things, Nic wrote the first draft of the lyrics on the back of a napkin on the mixing stage.  The song was written and recorded in 3 days, and became part of the film.  

Here is the song as it appeared in the movie,  sung here by  Montreal's Belfast Andi. 

Verses were added later and I performed them for the first time in a live show in Montreal in 2023, elsewhere on this site.

a whale of a time...

What made this project special was a bank of whale songs from the Gaspé given me by a sound FX editor I was working with at the time, and which I tried to weave into the score wherever possible.  

Perhaps I overdid it, but those whales sure can sing!

Screen Shot 2023-04-26 at 12.14.12 PM.png

On the Road with La Mouette tells the story of a family of puppeteers touring Quebec's Gaspé region in a bus.

Directed by François Aubry, and produced by the NFB, I shared the soundtrack duties with composer Réjean Garneau.

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