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Left South Africa for Europe & UK  in early 70's and found myself in the English countryside rubbing elbows with rock icons at the local pubs and jam sessions.  

They were wild times and I was soon hooked up with the Daddy Longlegs,

a Chicago based band with whom I toured and recorded the Shifting Sands album, writing and singing the title song of the album.


   L to R in photo:  Thom Mitz -bass, Cliff Carrison  - drums,

Norton Holderman - guitar and yrs truly, hat....                                           

The album cover painting was the work of Thomas Mitz, the bass player, whose luminous work can be seen elsewhere on this site.   He lives and works in the USA these days, here is a link to his site.

Rock "star" on a budget  - 1973 - looks like Hohner didn't want to splurge on colour ads in Melody Maker either ...  (or spellcheck) !

Moving on,  I joined a street-theatre company called The  Friends Roadshow,   based between London, Amsterdam and Ann Arbor, Michigan,  whose solid musical core included  Abstract Truth saxophonist Sean Bergin and after touring Europe and North Africa, we headed Stateside.

The further adventures...

After a brief period with the Roadshow in Ann Arbor, Michigan I left to

join bassist Thom Mitz in Chicago where he was working with the Chicago Slim Blues Band.

Appearances with these local legends, and a short college tour with the late bluesman Luther Allison were stand-out experiences...

Many Chicago bluesmen had their "monikers" - in Slim's Band alone there were "Bumblebee Bob" Novack and "Cadillac" Sam, so it was not long before I started to be referred to by the locals as "Bushman Piano-Finger".  Hmm.......



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