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Blues 'n Roots 

Most of the support keyboard work over the last few years has been with roots and blues artist Terry Gillespie.   A number of albums later and the pleasure of recording and playing live with this soulful performer has not diminished!


Here are some tracks from one of my favourites recorded live in Maxville, Ontario. 

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(N. Illinois Blues Soc - Apr 2014)

Here is the Blue Soul line-up at the DoQ in Toronto in 2013.  Terry Gillespie, Wayne Stoute on drums, Lyndell Montgomery on bass & yours truly...

And here a predecessor to Terry's current Band X

with Trevor Brewster,  Owen Brown, Terry and Wayne Stoute.

This is the Granary Blues Band in the early days

with Terry Gillespie, Gordie Adamson, Stephen Barry and Jody Golick.  

This is an island that just breathes music and Terry now spends a few months a year there gigging with Band X -  always fun to visit...


Some moments with  Band X in Negril...

The Canoe Bar is a fun gig and great hangout!

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