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Music for Film

Although I have never had the opportunity to score a full-length feature, some of the "source" and additional music projects have had more screen time than the actual score!  So just for fun here are three projects where the additional music was key...

The Beachbum Variations

George Mihalka's La Florida, has a number of satirical genre-bending tracks in this story of a bus driver who decides to escape Quebec winter by buying a run-down resort motel in Florida.  

It featured line dancers, heavy metal and hard rock fans as well as fad dances and resident 

pyromaniacs, the track titles tell the story!

The Gerbaud Suite

Source music for  the "Ideal Man" where  action centres around a somewhat outdated coffee bar, where the beat-generation owners are maintaining a desperate cool...


Extracts from a French movie set in 1960's Cambodia, Khmer Rouge times, with intrigue, red-light districts and post-apocalyptic GI deserters living in caves.  A heady mix!

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