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I've always loved film and the process of film-making, right from the early years in South Africa, where I  would snap rhino with my first SLR, an Asahi Pentax, and develop in the home darkroom, actually a converted closet, using my precious Durst enlarger.

White rhino in the Umfolozi Game Reserve, Natal , S. Africa

Photo:  P. Measroch 1963

So it was that in the mid-1980's, trying to supplement my income from music,  I found myself a job in film post-production.  This later became a parallel career in Montreal, from which I am now retired, but for those interested here is a link to my IMDB page which details those years.

Musically there were good networking opportunities and I  found myself writing small scores and incidental music for some of the projects I was involved in, as well as scoring for animation.  


Some of this music can be found in these pages.... 

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