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Tchoupi & Doudou

In the realm of film and TV music my main body of work has been the music for the original animated children's series Tchoupi et Doudou (not to be confused with the later Tchoupi et ses Amis, which has a different creative team) 

This was a series of 65  x 5 minute episodes in the early 1990's, based on the books by Thierry Courtin.  Aimed at the 3 to 6 yr-old group, it aired briefly on Fox's Itsy Bitsy Time as Charlie and Mimmo but found its real market in Europe where it is still very popular.  



Performed here by the McGill chamber orchestra, an orchestration of a medley from the Tchoupi TV series.  The other extracts below, as they were heard in the series,  were arranged and performed  by myself.




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