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In 2017 I had the good fortune to meet Shawn Mativetsky, a traditional tabla teacher in the oral tradition of the Benares Gharana and am very grateful and fortunate to have been  accepted as one of his pupils.  

Shawn also performs across various musical genres and holds annual tabla workshops at the McGill Music Faculty around Jazz Festival time.  I have been participating in these intensive 7-day events for several years now.

I have always been interested in Indian music and by an improvisatory form of classical music consisting solely of melody and rhythm.

My initial hope was that studying tabla would improve  my playing and writing  but I am now completely addicted to the beautiful and varied sounds obtainable from this instrument, the intricacies of the various Indian rhythms, or taal, and the extensive repertoire that I had never imagined existed.

Just completed the 13th Annual workshop  - will be ready to post a professional tabla solo in approximately 12 years  !

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